The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi
The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

About this Project/Website(s):

This informative and educational project, containing several books, hundreds of articles and some related websites, is developed and managed by Mohamed Haj Yousef. The main purpose is to study the extensive heritage and immense works of the most renowned Muslim scholar and famous Sufi thinker, the Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi, in order to understand and appreciate his profound wisdom and present it to the ever-growing groups of audience and interested readers, in the Arab and Islamic worlds, as well as internationally.

This life-long project started in the early 1990s, as a personal reflection and strong disposition towards reading the Islamic mystical literature, which then coincided with my juvenile curiosity and amateur interest in astronomy and cosmology. Therefore, this was quickly developed into a steady devotion and strong commitment that was inaugurated by my first book, in Arabic, published by Dar-ul-Hayat (Aleppo/Beirut), in 1999. Even in this early product, titled: "The Path of the Heart'' - focused on explaining the Sufi Interpretation of Joseph Story (Chapter 12 in Quran), it was very clear to me that Ibn al-Arabi is truly the "Greatest Master".

Hence, it became very obvious to me that he deserves a full-time devotion and more professional study. For this reason, it was decided, thereafter that I should focus my research on Ibn al-Arabi's eccentric conception of time and cosmology, which eventually produced the Single Monad Model, in 2007, to be followed by the Duality of Time Theory, in 2017. During this decade, and as "secondary project" I devoted most of my time to study the complete biography of Ibn al-Arabi (in Arabic, with the title "Shams-ul-Maghrib" - the Sun from the West, published in 2006, by Dar Fussilat, in Aleppo), as well as the biography of Sheikh Ramadan Subhi Deeb (published in 2012 by Dar Teibah, in Damascus), whom many prominent scholar call him as "the Living Ibn al-Arabi", in order to get more insights and better awareness of distinct mystical path of knowledge.

On the other hand, since my original research on Ibn al-Arabi's time and cosmology was mainly based on a tiny portion of the Meccan Revelations, both in terms of passages size and the vast extent of subjects tackled in this "magnum opus", thus I decided to work on translating this essential book into English, since most of the serious scholarship nowadays is performed by students or scholars who may not have full access to the Arabic text, not to mention the fact that this extensive Arabic text itself needs to be properly edited, indexed and characterized to allow easier access, benefiting from existing computer accessibilities. This job, however, was not easy at all, and I remember when I decided to work on this book, I conversed about the idea with some prominent scholars in the field and I was utterly discouraged, claiming that translating this book is absolutely impossible; due to its magnitude, complexity and mystical nature. Although I was definitely aware of that, I decided to try, but after I completed the first draft of the first volume, out of thirty seven, I had to stop because I realized much more difficulties than that I had been initially warned. Indeed, after finishing the first draft of the first volume, and part of the second one, I had to stop, also because of the new astonishing developments in my original project on the subject of time, which consolidated into the Duality of Time Theory and Ultimate Symmetry, as well as the Chest of Time.

Now, as my intricate mission is becoming more demanding and diverging, I decided to put all my work together into the following websites, where I could (continously) publish any new materials that may emerge as I am still working on these diverging projects.

These websites are:

 * for the Single Monad Model of the Cosmos.

* Ibn al-Arabi's books and manuscripts.

* dedicated especially for the Meccan Revelations, both in Arabic and the ongoing translation.

* that includes the full text of by 2006 book of Shams-ul-Maghrib and the English translation extected to be published by the end of this year, 2019.

 All my books and articles will be published or linked through these websites.


Mohamed Haj Yousef

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