The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi
The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

The first appendix of The Book of the Maghrib Shams

Table of the main events in the life of The Grand Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

In this table, we mention the historical sequence of events in the life of Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn Arabic, and this table contains many additions to the detailed table presented by Claudia Addas in "Search for red sulfur" in addition to correcting some errors found in the table Which was presented by Othman Yahya in his classification of Ibn al-Arabi’s works. We did not see the need to mention references here Because it is detailed within the book and distributed into the chapters from Chapter Two to Chapter Six accordingly Historical period and the same sequence of events. As for references about historical events The other is common in history books and we see no need to mention it here or within the book except As much as we need. We have also mentioned many other events in the book, but we have omitted them Here are only the main events whose date we can date with good accuracy.

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Date (AD/AH)PlaceAn event from the biography of Ibn al-ArabiOther notes/events
560/1165MurciaBirth of Sheikh Al-Akbar Muhyiddin Ibn Al-ArabiIn Andalusia
561/1166----The death of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani
564/1169----Salah al-Din takes over the ministry/Egypt
567/1171----Death of Ibn Mardanish, Sultan of Murcia
568/1172SevilleTheir move to Seville after the fall of Murcia to the Almohads 
569/1174----Death of Nour al-Din Zengi/Damascus
570/1175----Salah al-Din takes over the rule of Egypt
573/1178----Saladin rules Damascus
575/1180CordobaHis meeting with Ibn Rushd (according to Claudia Addas) 
578/1182SevilleHe studies the Qur’an with Sheikh Abu Bakr bin Safi Al-Lakhmi 
580/1184AndalusiaHe joined the path of SufismSultan Yaqub took over the rule of Andalusia
580/1184CordobaHis meeting with Ibn Rushd (according to Uthman Yahya) 
583/1187Jerusalem-The Battle of Hattin and the recovery of Jerusalem
585/1189AndalusiaSeeing the trace of a man from the people of Yunus 
586/1190CordobaSeeing all the apostles and prophets in a dreamThe beginning of the Third Crusade
586/1190SevilleReceives the verse: “Say, ‘If your fathers...’The Almohads sign a truce agreement from the Spaniards
586/1190SevilleReceives the verse: “Only those who hear respond” 
586/1190SevilleA vision related to the hadith: “Hold yourselves accountable...” 
586/1190SevilleHe frequented Sheikh Yusuf bin Yakhlef Al-Koumi 
586/1190AndalusiaMeets a man from the disciples 
586/1190MururHis visit to Sheikh Al-Murur 
586/1190MoroorHe wrote the Book of Divine Dispensations 
586/1190MarshanaHis meeting with the preacher Abd al-Majid bin Salamah 
586/1190MarshanaHis visit to Shams, Mother of the Poor 
586/1190SevilleYoussef Al-Maghawar and Ali Al-Salawy meet 
586/1190AndalusiaWith the philosopher who denies miracles 
587/1191----The execution of Al-Suhrawardi in Aleppo
The fall of the city of Acre at the hands of the Crusaders
589/1193RoutaHis meeting with Sheikh Muhammad bin Ashraf Al-RandiThe death of Saladin Al-Ayyubi in Damascus
589/1193Turaif IslandSeeing his fate and what will happen to him until the end of his lifeThe beginning of his first trip to Tunisia
589/1193Turaif IslandHis meeting with his sheikh, Abu Ishaq bin Tarif al-QaisiThe death of Abu Madin
589/1193Turaif IslandHis meeting with Sheikh Abdullah Al-Qalfat 
589/1193CeutaHe meets Muhammad Al-Hajri and studies hadith with him 
590/1194TlemcenThe Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, blames him in a dream for hating the man who hates Abu Madin 
590/1194TlemcenMeets the poet Abu Yazid Al-Fazzazi 
590/1194TunisiaHis meeting with his sheikh, Abu Muhammad Abd al-Aziz al-Mahdawi 
590/1194TunisiaMeeting Ibn Ibn al-Qasi, author of the book “Taking Off the Sandals” 
590/1194TunisiaRealizes that he is the inheritor of Prophetic knowledge 
590/1194Tunisiaenters the land of truth 
590/1194TunisiaThe Greens meet for the second time 
590/1194TunisiaHe organizes a poem in a mosque in Tunisia 
590/1194SevilleAlgecirasHis return to Andalusia
590/1194SevilleIt is known that one of the unseen men published his poem before his arrival 
590/1194SevilleThe death of his father and mother, may God have mercy on them 
590/1194Near RoutaMeets Al-Khader for the third time 
590/1194SevilleComposes the Book of Holy Scenes 
591/1195FezGoes to the city of FezThe beginning of his first trip to Morocco
591/1195FezInforms about the plant’s pledge of allegiance to the Qutb 
591/1195FezSees the Shrine of Light 
591/1195FezPredicting victory in the Battle of ArkAlmohad victory in the Battle of Ark
591/1195FezMeeting with Muhammad bin Qasim al-Tamimi 
592/1196SevilleWearing a rag from Abd al-Rahman bin Ali al-QastalaniHis return to Andalusia
592/1196SevilleA group of scholars meet with Abu Al-Hussein bin Al-Tufayl 
592/1196SevilleHis meeting with the Commander of the Faithful Ya'qub al-Mansur 
592/1196SevilleHe meets Abu Al-Walid Ibn Al-Arabi and talks to him about some conversationsYaqoub Al-Mansur arrives at the gates of Madrid
592/1196FezHe goes to Fez with his two sisters and marries them thereThe beginning of his second trip to Morocco
593/1196FezMeeting Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Qasim al-Tamimi 
593/1197FezThe situations on the Day of Resurrection are witnessed by the vision 
593/1197FezHe attains the position of light for the second time and becomes all-faced 
593/1197FezHe attains the position of light, and meets the pole of time 
593/1197FezMeeting with Sheikh Muhammad al-Tamimi 
594/1198FezRecognizes the character of the seal of the Muhammadan state 
594/1198FezHis ascension, and the writing of Kitab al-Isr 
594/1198FezWearing a rag from Muhammad Abi al-Qasim al-Tamimi 
594/1198Fez, CeutaAccidentally reveals a secret to some of his companions 
595/1198CeutaHe studies hadith with Abu Al-Hasan bin Al-Sayegh 
595/1199SevilleHe bids farewell to his sheikhs in Seville 
595/1199CordobaAttending the funeral of Ibn Rushd, whose remains were transferred to CordobaIbn Rushd died in Marrakesh
595/1198MarshanaSee the book The Virtuous City by Al-Farabi 
595/1199GranadaMeeting Abu Muhammad al-Shakkaz 
595/1198Wadi AshMeeting Abu Ahmad ibn Sidibun 
595/1199MursiaFarewell to Sheikh Ibn Sidibun 
595/1199MursiaMeeting the excessive sheikh whose name was not mentioned 
595/1199MursiaThe Truth witnesses in his secret an incident about the extent of divine forgiveness 
595/1198QabrfiqMeets Abu Abdullah bin Junaid Al-Mu'taziliAnd discusses with him the topic of creation by Qayyumiya
596/1999-He leaves Andalusia permanently, heading to Morocco and from there to EgyptThe beginning of his third trip to Morocco
597/1200CellA conversation between him and a good man from the common peopleThe decline of the Nile and Egypt being exposed to a great famine
597/1200TBSheikh Yusuf Al-Koumi bids farewellThe death of Ibn Al-Jawzi
597/1200AegisalArrival to the place of kinshipA major earthquake hits Syria
597/1200MarrakeshHis vision of the throne and his order to accompany Muhammad Al-Hissar to the East 
597/1200FezHis meeting with Muhammad Al-HissarFlood of the Guadalquivir River in Seville
597/1201BejaiaAdding a chapter on the heart in the book about the positions of the stars 
597/1201BejaiaSeeing that he united with the stars and letters of the alphabet 
598/1201TunisiaVisits its owner Abu Muhammad Abd al-Aziz al-MahdawiHis second stay in Tunisia
598/1201TunisiaReceives a golden tablet from the Kaaba treasure 
598/1202TunisiaDeparture permanently to the East 
598/1202CairoMeeting his friends Ahmed Al-Khayyat and Muhammad Al-Ishbily 
598/1202HebronPraying at the Maqam Ibrahim Al-Khalil 
598/1202JerusalemPraying in Al-Aqsa Mosque 
598/1202MedinaVisits the grave of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace 
598/1202MeccaHe meets the spirit who will take from him what he wrote in the conquests 
598/1202MeccaHe studies hadith with the imam of the Ibrahimi Mosque, Abu Shuja 
599/1203MeccaWearing a rag from Yunus bin Yahya Al-Hashimi 
599/1203MeccaHe sees the Kaaba composed of blocks of gold and silver and that he completes itIt is good news that he is the seal of the Muhammadan state
599/1203MeccaThe Qutb meets Ahmed Al-Sabti, son of Harun Al-Rashid 
599/1203MeccaMusa Al-Qurtubi meets the muezzin of the Haram 
599/1203MeccaMeets Judge Abdul Wahab Al-Azdi of Alexandria 
599/1203MeccaComposes the book “The Niche of Lights” 
599/1203TaifVisits the grave of Abdullah Ibn Abbas and writes the book Hilyat Al-Abdal 
600/1203MeccaComposes the Book of the Holy Spirit 
600/1204MeccaComposes the book Taj al-Risala 
600/1204MeccaReading the Book of the Crown of Letters 
601/1204MedinaVisits the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peaceThe beginning of his first journey towards the north
601/1204BaghdadReciting the Holy Spirit to Ibn Sudkin 
601/1204IraqComposes the Book of Majesty, the Book of Eternity, the Book of Alif, and the Book of Identity 
601/1205MosulHis meeting with Ibn Antar al-Halawi, who was opposed to the Holy Qur’an 
601/1205MosulStudying Hadith with Ahmed Masoud bin Shaddad Al-Muqri 
601/1205MosulReceiving the rag from the hands of its sheikh, Ali bin Jami 
601/1205MosulComposes the Book of Mosul Tanzilat 
601/1205MosulReading the Book of the Holy Spirit to a group of students 
601/1205MalatyaVisits the home of Sadr al-Din al-Quni's father 
602/1205KonyaComposes the Treatise of Lights, the Book of Greatness, the Book of the Hermetic OrderArrival of Genghis Khan at the Yellow River
602/1205KonyaMeeting with Sheikh Ahmad al-Din al-Kirmani 
602/1205DamascusHe meets the madman Masoud al-Habashi 
602/1205JerusalemComposes Kitab Al-Aqd, Kitab Al-Muqni’, Kitab Al-Nuqaba 
602/1206HebronWriting the Book of Certainty 
603/1207CairoHe meets Muhammad Al-Khayyat and his brother Ahmed in Al-Qandil Neighborhood 
603/1207CairoReciting the Holy Spirit to a group of his companions 
603/1207-He composes the book Al-Fahwaniyah and the book Answer of Al-Tirmidhi 
604/1208MeccaHe meets with Abu Shuja’ and discusses hadith with him 
604/1209MeccaSeeing the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, in a dream 
606/1210AleppoWriting/reading the Book of TransfigurationsThe beginning of his second journey to the north
608/1212BaghdadMeeting the famous Baghdad Sufi Suhrawardi 
608/1212BaghdadMeets the historian Ibn al-Dubaithi 
608/1212BaghdadHe sees a dream in which he foretells the opening of the treasures of deception 
608/1212BaghdadWrites advice to King Kaykaeus of Konya 
609/1212-Corresponds with King Kaykaus 
610/1214AleppoReading the Book of Transfigurations and explaining it to some of his students 
611/1215MeccaCompletion of the book Tarjuman al-AshwaqGenghis Khan occupies Beijing
-DeniserMeets Omar Al-Farqawi 
612/1216SivasHe sees in his dream the victory of King Kaykaus in the Battle of AntiochThe death of King Al-Zahir, King of Aleppo
612/1216MalteseWrites to Kikaus and tells him of visionsFifth Crusade
613/1217MaltesePermission to listen to the book Taj al-Risaal for his students 
614/1218MalatyaPermission to listen to the book Tarjuman al-Ashwaq for his students 
615/1218MaltesePermission to listen to the Book of the Holy Spirit for his disciplesThe Death of King Izz al-Din Kaykaus
615/1218MalatiyaComposes the Book of Sufi TermsThe Great King takes over Damascus
617/1220AleppoHe reads to his students the Book of Qurba, the Book of Meem, and the Book of GreatnessThe Mongols occupy Persia
617/1220AleppoDeath of its owner Majd al-Din al-Isfahani 
618/1221MalatyaBirth of his youngest son, Saad al-Din 
618/1221MalatiyaAnd the death of his companion Badr al-Habashi 
619/1222----Kabul falls to the Mongols
620/1223DamascusSeeing Ibn Sudkin in a dream 
620/1224DamascusAuthorization of listening to the Book of Transfigurations for his disciples 
621/1224DamascusReading the Book of Certainty, the Book of Supreme Purpose, and the Book of Meem 
621/1224DamascusThe Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, saw in a dreamin which he told him about the gathering of animals
622/1225----Death of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Nasir
624/1227DamascusThe Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, tells him in a dream that angels are better than humansThe Death of Genghis Khan
Death of the Great King of Damascus
625/1228SyriaHe writes the book The Reward of Meeting Needs 
626/1229SyriaReading the Book of Worship to several studentsJerusalem handed over to the Franks
King Al-Ashraf takes over Damascus
627/1229DamascusThe Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, gives him in a dream the book Fusus al-Hikam 
627/1231SyriaSeeing the divine identity in the eventThe death of Farid al-Din al-Attar
627/1231DamascusHe writes the index for Al-Qunawi and summaries of other books 
628/1231SyriaHe sees a vision in which God Almighty speaks to him on Mount Sinai 
628/1231DamascusHis meeting with Najm al-Din Muhammad bin Abi Bakr al-Mawsili 
629/1231DamascusEnds the first version of the Meccan conquests 
629/1231SyriaHe saw a vision in which he was told that he would have a thousand spiritual children 
629/1232DamascusAuthority for students to listen to the book Anqa’ Maghrib 
630/1233DamascusHe meets the historian Al-Qazwini, author of the book Antiquities of the Country 
630/1233DamascusHe writes an authorization for Al-Qunawi in the book Fusus Al-Hikam 
632/1235SyriaThe second edition of the Meccan conquests beginsThe death of Shihab al-Din al-Suhrawardi
632/1235DamascusHe writes permission for King Al-Ashraf, King of Damascus 
633/1236SyriaGives various headphones to a large number of studentsThe fall of Cordoba
634/1237DamascusComposes the Book of the Diwan 
634/1237DamascusDifferent versions of the Book of ConquestsThe Death of King Al-Ashraf, King of Damascus
635/1238DamascusHe writes various books and lettersSeveral Ayyubid kings rule Damascus
636/1238DamascusHe writes various books and lettersThe Fall of Murcia
636/1238DamascusEnds the second edition of the Meccan conquests 
637/1239DamascusGrants various orders for the Meccan conquestsKing Al-Salih Ismail takes Damascus
638/1240DamascusReading the Mosul Conquests by his student Ayyub Badr al-MuqriThe Mongols destroy Kiev


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