The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi
The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

Most of these introductory articles are exracted from Volume I of the Single Monad Model of the Cosmos: Ibn al-Arabi's View of Time and Creation... more on this can be found here.

Principle of Love

principle of love

This Figure is an illustration of the Sufi concept of abolishment, originally depicted in “The Sufi Interpretation of Joseph Story”, but this can at the same time beautifully demonstrates the concept of metaphysical creation of space and matter in the inner levels of time. The abstract point denotes the Single Monad which is continuously inflating into matter and space and deflating again into the metaphysical reality of oneness.


At the end of the first book, in Arabic: “The Sufi Interpretation of Joseph Story”, or: “The Path of the Heart”, that was published in 1999, I promised that I will write another book to explain the cosmological principle behind Einstein’s theory of relativity, and why the speed of light is constant in all frames! At that time, in fact, I had not the slightest idea how am I really going to do that, but it became utterly evident to me that Ibn al-Arabi’s comprehensive view of the cosmos is far deeper and much more accurate than all other scientific theories, to the extent that they can only be correct if they agree with him.

Although the subject of that book was not directly related to cosmology altogether, I put an illustration on the front cover to demonstrate the Sufi concept of abolishment in divine Presence, but it turned out that this same depiction can beautifully summarize the concept of re-creation or the perpetual formation of space and matter, which is the main concept in the Single Monad Model that lead to the Duality of Time Theory.

At the time when I was reading these concepts in Ibn al-Arabi’s books, I had no clear idea how they are actually related to cosmology, because he normally never care too much to explain the reasons, mostly only describing his views, or visions, in remotely cryptic and dispersed poetic manners that require extensive study and analysis to put them together in reasonably comprehensible logic.


The Principle of Love, as the primary cause of first creation and all subsequent motion, or re-creation, is the most fundamental principle from which the principle of least time or stationary action is derived. We talked about the principle of action in chapter II (section 15) and we have seen in chapter III how the various theories, including General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory, applied this principle to formulate their mathematical models, but we will see further in chapter VI how the Principle of Love leads to the fundamental dualities in nature, and mainly to the Duality of Time.

The hidden spherical symmetry, described in section 2, can solve an even more fundamental observation that nobody is even questioning; namely: the perpetual motion of subatomic particles. It is true that these particles are quantum objects that exist in bound quantized states, so they do not loose any energy as far as they do not change their quantum states, but the fundamental question is still “why”? In this regard, Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Field Theory, describe this quantum behavior, but without answering or even asking the main question as to why they prefer these apparently stable states in which they can move without losing energy. Answering this question in terms of Newton’s laws is also not sufficient, because these laws are also descriptive. For example the first law says that the state of motion of an object does not change unless acted upon by an external force. This is of course a correct universal observation, but why is this the case? In other words: why energy is conserved?

This fundamental question is also equivalent to: why energy is quantized? Fundamental particles are quantum objects, whose states are changed through the fundamental interactions between quantum fields, by exchanging particle-like properties such as spin, charge, momentum and energy. So if we could explain why energy is conserved, we will be able to explain how these quantum fields and all the subsequent fundamental particles came to exist after they were “nothing”, but not “from nothing”, because the origin is absolute existence that is the spherical three-dimensional flat space, without time.

Furthermore, explaining why energy is conserved means that “causality” itself is no longer a fundamental principle, but it can be explained by a more fundamental concept that is the Principle of Love. Accordingly, we could also explain how causality, and the conservation of energy, could be broken in special cases, such as entanglement and other non-local interactions.

In the same previous chapter 295 of the Meccan Revelation, that we quoted in section 1.4, Ibn al-Arabi states the “Principle of Love” as the fundamental reason of all motions. After explaining how the abstract four elements , , , and were originated and how they gave rise to the physical elements which subsequently condensed into the stars that occupied the orbs of constellations, he adds:

The planets (stars) appeared in these orbs, and all other heavens, from the movement of these four mentioned spheres (of elements) by which Nature was completed, thus they appeared in the physical world after they were only abstract reasonable concepts, because meanings are the origin of all things, which are in themselves abstract and reasonable, but then they become sensible in the Presence of Sense (that is the physical world) and imaginable in the Presence of Imagination (that is the psychical world), ... so the first thing to be created was earth which is the bottom of void and the most extreme density and darkness, and which is still continuously receding for ever, because void is an imaginary infinite extension without composition (or body). The whole world is always descending in seeking the center on which it can settle, but since this is not possible, its motion is going on for ever. In this motion, the world is seeking the ultimate Real, that is its goal, due to the initial manifestation that caused this “passion”; so the world is always passionately seeking the Real. So all kinds of motions are caused by Love and Passion, it can not be otherwise, and who does not love this unique manifestation that is described by Beauty, since beauty is desirable for its own right. If the Exalted (Real) did not manifest in the form of beauty, the world would not have appeared, so the appearance of the world into existence was driven by Passion, and “Love” is the origin of its movement, and this state is eternal, so the the motion of the world is going without end. If there were anything to which this motion ends, which is called the center, the world would necessarily accumulate over itself and motion would stop, so the world would annihilate and its essence will disappear, but it is not like that. [II.677.12].

It is very clear that Ibn al-Arabi is describing here a singularity or a Black Hole that “is the bottom of void with the most extreme density and darkness, which is still continuously receding for ever”, but the most important thing to note here is his description that the same abstract four spheres of Nature , , , and appeared in the physical world and in the imaginable (psychical) world after they were only abstract reasonable concepts (in the spiritual world), as was demonstrated in the various figures and world equations in section 8.4.

This Principle of Love leads to the emergence of time, including space, as the containers of motion, as well as the principle of least action that is used in formulating most modern theories as we explained in chapter III, because the reason why particles move is to “re-unite” with their partners, which is described earlier in chapter IV as the abstract cosmological progeny.

Motion is associated with time, so it must incorporate exchange of energy. If the microscopic particles, such as electrons, and all objects in general, are executing actual motion in real space background, they must loose energy when they move through the medium. Of course normally this is explained in terms of friction which is considered zero because the medium is vacuum, i.e. empty space, but this does not have any physical sense. Nevertheless, we still observe objects and particles moving through this hypothetical vacuum, so what actually happens is that the elementary particles that appear moving in our normal time arrow are actually instantaneously uniting and splitting with their identical partners, or anti-particles, in the conjugate time arrow, thus converting into unlocalized energy waves which then re-localize again in new adjacent positions upon observation, causing the illusion of motion.

This uniting and splitting is instantaneous in our normal time because it is actually happening in the inner time, in one linear chronological sequence that is nested inside the spatial dimensions as we explained in chapter V, so on the physical level there is no real motion at all, only changes in relative locations.

This uniting and splitting is covered by the same mass-energy equivalence relation that we have derived in chapter V. The process of particle-antiparticle annihilation into energy, and the subsequent splitting of this information or consciousness into the physical and psychical worlds, can also be expressed as: , which means that when earth and fire, or absolute mass and energy, are mixed together they produce water and air, or particles and antiparticles, or the physical and psychical worlds, all the same things but in different time arrows. Equally, therefore, we can say that the continuous dimensions of space split into opposite time directions, and vice versa, as also expressed through the equation: , so , , and .

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