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This site is dedicated to introducing the Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and related studies and research. You can find here related books and literature in addition to the discussion forums and articles in Arabic and English and some other languages. We invite all interested visitors to participate in enriching this site with their opinions and essays by participating in forums or adding comments on articles or even publish their own articles for the various sections of the site. we invite anyone who wants to participate to register in the site and contact the webmaster to get his membership upgraded. The contents of the site vary from one language to another; most of it is in Arabic and English, and some articles are translated into or from other languages, but mostly this translation is automatic and still contains many errors. This site is supervised by Mohamed Haj Yousef, and most of the information about Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi is derived from his book of The Sun from the West.

Who is Ibn al-Arabi?

the pole of all times

The greatest master (ash-sheikh al-akbar), the reviver of religion (muħyî id-dîn) and the sultan of the knowing (sultân al-ăârifîn) are some of the veneration titles given to the great mystic, poet and sage, Muhammad Ibn al-Árabî; one of the world's greatest spiritual teachers and the most influential author in Islamic history, whose writings have deeply influenced Islamic civilization for centuries, and have more recently attracted wide interest in the West. His full name is Abû Ábdullâh Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ahmed Ibn al-Árabî al-Ħâtimiy aţ-Ţâìy, known for short as Ibn al-Árabî or Ibn Árabî (without the definite article) to differentiate him from the Malikiy jurist Abu Bakr Ibn al-Árabî (d. 543/1148).

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The Meccan Revelations


In the first chapter, he explained how he received the diverse knowledge and divine wisdom, that he revealed in this immense book, from a spirit he calls the ‘passing young’ (al-fatâ al-fâàt) whom he met as he was circumambulating the Kaaba. This passing young is an angel or a pure spirit whose mere complexion is divine knowledge itself. Ibn Arabi describes him as being independent of space and time, or “where” and “when”, and he is compound and simple at the same time, and "neither speaking nor silent" and "neither living nor dead". Thus Ibn Arabi explains that when he saw him, he knew his reality and his allusion, so he asked him to accept him as a student and teach him, but he pointed out to him in signal that he is disposed not to speak to anyone but in symbols, but he added that if he learns his symbol and understand it, he would know that his knowledge may not be expressed by the eloquent, and its expression may not be attained by the rhetoricians. Ibn Arabi then asked him: "may you teach me your convention, and show me the movements of your key…?" "Then he signaled and I understood", Ibn Arabi continues, "and he explained to me the reality of his beauty and I wandered; then I fainted and he instantly prevailed over me, then when I woke up from the swoon, and my shoulder thundered of fear, he knew that knowing him has been attained (by me)." Ibn Arabi then asked this angel: “Would you brief me on some of your secrets, so I may become amongst your rabbis.” He replied: “Look in the details of my built, and in the arrangement of my shape, you will find what you are asking me about written in me, because I may not be speaking or spoken to; my knowledge is not other than myself, and my essence is not different from my names, because I am the knowledge, the known and the knowing (al-ílmu wal-maălûmu wal-álîmu).” After that Ibn Arabi explains how this sprit taught him the wisdom and knowledge, and told him: "whatever you find (written) in me put it in your book and transform it to all your loved ones.".

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