The Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

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The Meccan Revelations

meccan revelations

The Meccan Revelations is considered one of the most important books of Islamic mysticism. Son startedAl-Arabi wrote this book for the first time in Makkah in the year 598/1202 until he completed it in Damascus in the year629/1232, then rewrote it again in the period between the year 632/1235 to 636/1239, whereAdded, deleted and modified on the first version.

Sheikh Mohieddin, may God be pleased with him, began writing this book, the Encyclopedia, in MakkahThe honorable one, following a spiritual conversation between him and "the lost boy", a spirit that the sheikh saw during his circumambulationAbout the Kaaba in the year 598, so he took from it all that he wrote in the Meccan conquests. Sheikh Mohi saysReligion in the first chapter "in the knowledge of the soul, which I took from the details of its origins, what I wrote about thisThe book and what was between me and him of the secrets "is that while he was roaming around the Kaaba when he was foundAt the Black Stone, "the lost boy, the silent speaker, who is neither living nor dead, the boat."The simple, the surrounded one, "he says that when he saw him roaming the house, he knew his truth and God revealed himOn his stature and that he is beyond time and place. Then Sheikh Mohieddin says:

When I knew its status and its demise, and examined its status from existence and its conditions, I kissed his oath, and wipedFrom the sweat of the revelation his brow, and I said to him: Look at those who asked to sit with you, and he desires to be sociable, so he referred to meA gesture and a riddle, that it is instinctive to not speak to anyone except a symbol, and that it is symbolic if you teach himI realized and understood him, and I learned that his eloquence is not aware of him, and his articulation does not inform him of the rhetoric of rhetoric.

Then Sheikh Mohiuddin said to him:

Introduce me to your terminology, and stop me on how your key moves. I want to share with you, and I loveSmelt with you.

After this spirit revealed to him his symbol, Sheikh Mohieddin said to him:

Show me some of your secrets, so that I can be part of my love.

He said to him:

Look at the details of my upbringing, and in the order of my coming, you will find what you asked me about in me numbered, for I am notI am not speaking or speaking, for my knowledge is not equal to me, and my self is not different to my names, for I am the knowledgeAnd the known and the knowledgeable, and I am the wise, the arbitrator, and the wise.

Then he said to him:

Walk around my tracks, and look at me with a moonlight, so that you may take from my upbringing what you write in your book,And dictate it to your writers, and tell me what I witness the truth in your circumambulation of the gentle, which is not witnessed by allTaif, so that I know your concern and your meaning, and remind you of what I learned from you there. [591]

Then the Sheikh, may God be pleased with him, mentioned the continuation of his conversation with this spirit and what he benefited from and benefited fromKnowledge in this first chapter of the Meccan conquests, and after that it proceeded in other chapters thatIt has reached 560 chapters of the noble sciences and knowledge that I deposited in this book. Sheikh saysMay God be pleased with him in Chapter Two of the Futures that his writing this book and others does not flow throughThe synthesis, and it does not run in it the course of the authors; This is because he does not choose what to say and what to arrangeAnd it is classified, but they are hearts eagerly at the door of the Divine Presence watching what the door opens to,Poor woman devoid of all knowledge. If she was asked at that point about something she heard, she would lose her sense.Whatever matter emerged to her from behind that veil, she took the initiative to comply with it and composed it according to what limitsHer in command. Therefore, he may put some things in a logical or apparent inappropriate orderThere will be a hidden occasion that only the people of disclosure will feel, and it may also be thrown to this heartThings that he is commanded to communicate while he does not know at that time due to divine wisdom absent from creation. [592]

Then he adds, may God be pleased with him, saying:

There are many differences between an author who says: “So-and-so, may God have mercy on him, told me about so-and-so, may God have mercy on him,” and those who say:“My heart told me about my Lord,” and if this is of great measure, it is very different between him and those who say: “My Lord told meOn the authority of my Lord, that is, my Lord told me about himself. [593]

But the sheikh, may God be pleased with him, did not finish this great book until more than thirty years laterIn Damascus, as we will talk about that in Chapter Six.

It should be noted that Sheikh Mohieddin has other books with similar names, including Al-FathAl-Fassi, [594], “Civil Conquests,” and “Egyptian Conquests,” [595] which are not as large asAnd the importance of the book The Meccan Al-Futuhat, which is also called "The Meccan Fath," and its full name is:“The Meccan Revelationsin Knowledge of the Royal and Royal Secrets.”

The Sheikh, may God be pleased with him, gave this book to its Tunisian owner, Abdel Aziz Al MahdawiAnd his companion, Badr al-Habashi, [596] and he has several manuscripts, the most important of which is a copy of Konya that the Sheikh wroteThe eldest was handwritten by his son, Imad al-Din Muhammad al-Kabir, whose mother was Fatima bint YunusBin Yusef, Emir of the Two Holy Mosques. [597]