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The Meccan Revelations is considered the most important book in Islamic mysticism. Ibn al-Árabî started working on this book in Mecca in the year 598 AH / 1202 AD; thus from here it takes its name, where he received the immense knowledge that he had broadcasted in this huge book from a spirit he calls the ‘passing young’ (al-fatâ al-fâàt) whom he met at the Kaaba. But it took him around thirty years to finish it in Damascus in the year 629 AH / 1232 AD, and then he rewrote it again between 632/1235 and 636/1239, just two years before he passed away.
The book consists of 560 chapters that vary in length between as short as half a page and as long as several hundreds. Although it is now mostly printed in four condensed volumes, based on Bulaq edition, it is in total contained in 37 volumes according to Ibn al-Árabî's own arrangement, and each volume is normally divided into seven parts which may start or end regardless of chapters; thus some chapters are placed in more than one part or even more than one volume.


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(the book is under publication)

Translation of the first poem from the Discloser of Desires, a sample translation and expounding from:

The Precious...
The Discloser
of Desires

Ibn al-Arabi

translation and annotation by
Mohamed Haj Yousef

Copyright © 2014 Mohamed Haj Yousef
All rights reserved.
ISBN-10: 1499769865
ISBN-13: 978-1499769869

1- I lost my mind

أَيَّ قَلْبٍ مَلَكُوا   لَيْتَ شِعْرِي هَلْ دَرَوْا 1
أَيَّ شِعْبٍ سَلَكُوا   وَفُؤَادِي لَوْ دَرَى 2
أَمْ تُرَاهُمْ هَلَكُوا   أَتُرَاهُمْ سَلِمُوا 3
فِي الْهَوَى وَارْتَبَكُوا   حَارَ أَرْبَابُ الْهَوَى 4


1 If only they know what heart they possessed!
2 If my heart only knows what route they followed!
3 Are they safe, or are they lost?
4 I lost my mind in love, and become entangled.

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Mystics, in their spiritual journey, may achieve various levels of excellence, and the Sufi’s endeavor has always been to attain full comprehensive perfection, by training and purifying his heart and cleansing his soul to eliminate all mortal desires and exterminate any attachment with the lower world. Similarly, the Alchemist’s goal is to adjust the properties of imperfect elements in order to transmute them into their most perfect state, nothing but gold-ness, normally via an agent called the elixir that is capable of removing all residuals and purifying and refining the element and balancing it, and ultimately converting it into gold.
Elixir is a unique substance with countless extraordinary properties and capabilities in addition to changing base metals into gold. It can be used for example to cure all diseases, prolong life and youth, and realize celestial knowledge and divine wisdom. For this reason it is also called the elixir of life or the philosopher’s stone, among other numerous names.


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This site is dedicated to introducing the Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and related studies and research. You can find here related books and literature in addition to the discussion forums and articles in Arabic and English and some other languages.

We invite all interested visitors to participate in enriching this site with their opinions and essays by participating in forums or adding comments on articles or even publish their own articles for the various sections of the site. we invite anyone who wants to participate to register in the site and contact the webmaster to get his membership upgraded.

The contents of the site vary from one language to another; most of it is in Arabic and English, and some articles are translated into or from other languages, but mostly this translation is automatic and still contains many errors.

This site is supervised by Mohamed Haj Yousef, and most of the information about Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi is derived from his book of The Sun from the West.

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The Single Monad Model of the Cosmos

Ibn Arabi is the only scholar who was able to formulate a unique cosmological model that is capable of explaining our observations as well as many phenomena in physics and cosmology, and even solve some perplexing modern and historical riddles in science and philosophy such as the EPR paradox and Zeno paradoxes of motion. Moreover, the Single Monad Model explains for the first time in history the importance of the “week” as a basic unit of space and time together. This prodigious theory is based on the notion of the intertwining days where Ibn Arabi shows that at every instance of time there is indeed one full week of creation that takes place in the globe. Since its publication in 2008, this book has triggered an overwhelming response, and I hope this expanded edition will help promote further Ibn Arabi's wisdom that is still buried in his multitudes of books and treatises.


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The Meccan Revelations